Our Girls

Osiris (V) Roses are Pink AKA Pink

Sire - GDB GR CH Kemenkat Murphy's Law (Imp NZ)

Dam - Riverfern Zeta Leporis (Imp UK)


Silver DB GR CH Osiris (V) Roses are Pink - AKA Pink

DOB 20/08/2013


Pink…Pink…Pink….three times the trouble of any Tawny twice as bad as any Cinnamon might ever be but loving through and through.   Abet 19 years of collective breeding and Pink is only one of three (3) Fawn Aby's that we have ever produced.  By all agreement and words from one of the finest Aby judges on the planet Darrel Newkirk “she is one of the very best examples of a Fawn Aby ever seen. No questions a prime two color Fawn Aby.


Pink has produces some of the finest Osiris (V) Abys on record and continues to not only produce fine kittens but to be a constant pain in the “you know what”.


“Get out of the refrigerator Pink and leave that roast alone!!!!!.”




CCCA Ch. Gold DGC Osiris(v) Chit Chat

Sire: Db. Gd. Ch. Highgaitpaws Have A Chat ((Imp USA)

Dam: Tijah Porcelain Blue

Date of Birth: 27.06.10

Color: Tawny

Chit Chat is an all American mating, as her Mum Portia is out of two American imports. She was very slow to mature but as you can plainly see she has come into her own now. Chit is very affectionate, loves to head butt and has the most outgoing personality.Chit Chat had unparalleled success on the show bench placing high on many occasions.  Her antics on the show table have to be seen to be believed she is such a card and shoulder cat.

Riverfern Zeta Laporis (Imp. UK)

Sire:AbyChat Fernando of Riverfern

Dam: IWSGC Riverfern Jura

Date of Birth: 07.11.10

Colour: Blue

Thank you Valerie for this beautiful girl for my blue program. Zeta has an outstanding temperament and has blended into my house very well. Her first two litters have produced some of the finest Osiris kittens.  Some of her kids have found homes as far away as Moscow and as close as down the road.  Although a bit of an English Drama Queen Zeta has and does produce simply outstanding type, colour and temperment kittens. 

Osiris(v) Star Witness (Little Red)

Sire: Vic DB GR CH Osiris(v) Heart N Soul

Dam: Merindalee Silent Witness

Colour: Cinnamon

Date of Birth: 23.03.11

What can you say about red cats? Little Red's real AKA should be "Mischief in the Making". However she a stunning little girl with heaps of promise. Little Red's fall litter of three were on show at the Brisbane Royal August 2016 where in they managed a Best in Show Shorthair Litter.  We are hoping her next litter has the same sort of potential BUT with some coloured kittens this time please!!! 

Osiris (V) Elizabeth Arden

Sire: GR CH Osiris (V) Barn Von Richthofen

Dam: QFA Gold DB GR CH, CCCA CH, Vic Silver CH Osiris (V) Prada

DOB: 25.09.12

Colour: Tawny

The international and local judges just love Lizie.  It's normally very difficult for the girls to beat the intact boys but Liz-Beth does that feat frequently with little difficulty.  Lizie can be found riding around on Michael shoulder grooming him and purring like a nut case.  We think (fingers crossed) that Liz-Beth "might" be with kittens.....we can only wait and see.  

Osiris (V) Rumour Has It

Sire: Vic DB GR CH Highgaitpaws Have a Chat (Imp USA)

Dam: Riverfern Zeta Leporis (Imp UK)

DOB: 03.06.12

Colour: Tawny


Roomie always has this very worried look on her face sort of saying "You won't re-home me will you!!  Huh Please!!!" Roomie has had two very successful litters and will be e-mated late in 2016.

Silver DB GR CH Osiris (V) Chanel No. Five

Sire: CH Aussie Dream

Dam: QFA Gold DB GR CH &CCCA CH, Vic Silver CH Osiris (V) Prada

DOB: 31.12.10

Colour: Tawny

Chanel 5 looks like her dad and has her mother's most stunning colour and type.  Chanel 5 currently has bubs on the ground, just two but they are both full of life and lovely.