Adoptees in their Homes

Chat d Or Queen of Diamonds


Do you know what a Diamond in the rough is? Well do ya huh.Do ya huh? Well that's ME.

I'm a three and a half year old Tawny Abyssinian. Very polite, maybe a little bit shy, very intelligent, love sitting in the Sun and watching the birds from a window. I was raised with a little black and white....think they call them Dogs .. she isn't as smart as me but she's Ok. I'd like a home where I can be the Queen Cat where I can be served nice food and only have to purr and maybe sleep on your bed at night. I promise to be good, use my litter box and not climb the curtains. If you buy me a scratching pole and put it by a window I will love you forever. Queenie now lives with her kitten LuLu on the North Side of Brisbane.

Asmara Tees Cinnamon Spirit

Mr. Tee and his buddy Peter Pan.
Colour: Cinnamon
DOB: 16/09/09

Mr Tee, as he is affectionately known, was our Red Alpha Cat. Tee was originally acquired as a breeding mate for Spice however simple bad luck and timing moved him from the Stud page to the Neutered page. Some cats are just not cut out to be stud cats both Pete and Tee fall into this category affectionate, gentle and now house cats. Mr T now lives the life of leisure with Helen and Karl (who built him a new bed for a welcome home gift and have enclosed an exercise area just for him!!). Always fondly remembered .... Mr Tee and very sadly missed by his Dad....Michael.

Osiris (V) Fast Talker Too

Sire: Vic DB GR CH Highgaitpaws Have a Chat (Imp USA)
Dam: CCCA GD CH & Sapphire DB GR CH Osiris (V) Running Bear
DOB: 12.06.12
Colour: Tawny

T2 comes from a mating we just love, so when Chat retired it was our wish to keep a boy from this mating..........We love Talker and T2 is very much like Talker. Talker Two has fathered three litters and had decided he would much rather be a house cat and spend his days with his humans looking after him. T2\'s new Mum and Dad fell in love with one of his female kittens when they saw him as the proud father they just knew they would like to have him to. T2 and his daughter Osiris (V) Influence Reigns Supreme now live with their humans Annett & Wentworth in Annandale NSW

Aussie Dream


Tijah Influence

Living in Bendigo with Tamika's Grandmother

Merindalee Silent Witness

Adopted by Shane and Jen Sandford


Owner Sherylle Carter

Blue Lagoon

Owner Sherylle Carter


Owned by Matt Thorpe

Hearts Desire

Owner Matt Thorpe

Osiris(v) Blue Mist

proudly owned by Jo, Ian and Theo McLean

Osiris (V) Baron Von Richtoffen


Sire: Gd Ch Cannonball of Wonderlove (Imp Germany)
Dam: Riverfern Zeta Leporis (Imp UK)
DOB: 15.08.11
Colour: Tawny
AKA - Bazz

Baron's offspring are some of the most awarded Abys in Australia. Baron used to spends most of his time with his lady friends. However his days of being scratch, yelled at and generally pushed about by the girls have come to an end. Baron will be four this year and deserves a "forever home" so he has had a little operation. now he enjoys lounging about with two other females for company not worrying the least that they might be interested in making babies as he isn't. Baron or Bazz rather.... now spends his days in the NSW Blue Mountains with his new family.