Special Fur People

QFA Silver Db. Gd. Ch. Vic Silver Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Redhot

Sire: Silver Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Cool Running

Dam: Osiris(v) Akecheta

Date of Birth: 18.04.09

Colour: Cinnamon

PRA and PK Def negative in Sire and Dam

Little Dottie is the love of my life. She has had such a bad start - an abcess on the top of her head when she was 7 weeks old, then with her immune system down a bit, got Toxoplasmosis. She is now well recovered and looking just beautiful. I did manage to take her to the CCCA National in Perth in July where she did extremely well in a hot field, and she managed to get a Best Kitten in Show. Dottie has the most beautiful earset, profile and chin, something I have been trying to improve on here for a few years.

Redhot is now retired and enjoying the foot of the bed at night.